Cornerstone Assistance Network


Household Goods.

Cornerstone Assistance Network formed and Community ShareHouse, the Furniture Bank of Tulsa County,  to provide furniture to families in need. Churches annually deliver resources to nearly 4,100 people in nearly 1,000 homes who sleep on floors, are without appliances to store or cook food, and lack basic necessities. Items are delivered to homes and gift certificates are given for families to pick out clothes, dishes, bedding, appliances, toys and more.

Garage Sale Central

Garage Sale Central collects surplus garage sale items that are left over from garage sales throughout the community. As a part of Cornerstone's WORCS ministry, WORCS participants are employed to coordinate and pick up your items. As a result, lives are transformed every step of the way from the moment you make a call, send an email or deliver your items to the ministry.





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